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Florida vacations

Florida Vacations: Things to Do and See

Its no wonder Florida is a top vacation destination for people from all over the United States. Florida vacations to this state with its semi-tropical climate and miles of white sand beaches can be as relaxed or busy as you choose. If you prefer just spending time on the beach, picking up seashells and sipping a tropical drink, there are Florida vacations designed with this in mind. On the other hand, you might enjoy exploring all the attractions Florida vacations have to offer. In this article we'll talk about 4 major sites to visit on Florida vacations: the Everglades, the Keys, Amelia Island and Daytona Beach.

The Everglades: Not to be missed on Florida vacations, the Everglades is an amazing national park that contains a huge subtropical wilderness full of unique plants and animals, some of which are designated as endangered. Endangered and threatened animals that inhabit the Everglades include the American crocodile, several species of turtles including the Atlantic leatherback, the West Indian manatee and several species of birds including the Cape Sable seaside sparrow. There also are trees in the Everglades. They grow in hammocks, which you can think of as islands of trees in the marshy environment. Species of trees include mangrove, royal palm, mahogany and live oak. The Everglades is also rich in tropical ferns and beautiful wild orchids grow everywhere. Be sure to take a tour of the Everglades via an airboat, a vehicle perfectly suited for exploring this rich and varied natural wonder during Florida vacations.

The Florida Keys: This is a group of 1700 islands that stretch from Florida's southern tip westward into the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish were the first Europeans to visit the keys in the 16th century. The Spanish were searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth and established settlements in the keys although they didn't find the secret to staying eternally young. The keys are actually parts of an ancient coral reef that rise above the ocean's surface.

People who visit the keys during their Florida vacations find many interesting things to do. But no one should miss the opportunity to swim with dolphins and interact with them at one of three places in the keys where you can do so. In fact, one attraction, Theater of the Seas, has swim programs with sea lions and rays as well as dolphins. A memorable adventure for Florida vacations.

Amelia Island: This island is part of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier islands that run along the

Southern U.S. eastern coast. Amelia Island has quite an interesting history. Its first inhabitants were the Timucuan Indians around 2000 BC. Then came the French and Spanish in the 16th century. Even the British have a place in the island's history. In fact, the island is named for the daughter of English King George II, Princess Amelia. Chosen as one of the top 12 vacation destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Amelia Island is rich in both history and tradition that everyone should experience on Florida vacations. There's a historic district where you'll find eclectic shopping and places to stay. Many people enjoy visiting nearby Fernandina Beach during their Florida vacations. This is a seaport village in the Victorian style where many of the buildings date back to the 19th century.

Daytona Beach: A must destination for NASCAR fans on Florida vacations. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. In February, over 200,000 race fans descend on Daytona to see the 500-mile car race that's one of the premier events sanctioned by NASCAR. Not to be outdone by car racing, motorcycle aficionados gather in Daytona for Bike Week in March and Biketoberfest in October. Biketoberfest is a tongue-in-cheek, uniquely American take on the traditional German Oktoberfest celebration. Stroll through the streets of Daytona and see amazing custom motorcycles of every size, shape and color. There's also plenty of live music, food, contests and exhibits celebrating bikers' love of their machines and of the open road. Not to be missed by motorcycle fans on Florida vacations.

Florida vacations are great ways to get away from it all. There are attractions and events that many people plan Florida vacations every year.

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